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ERF management and staff, in cooperation with its affiliates, are all deeply dedicated to its mission; producing high quality research to further regional development. While success is often its own reward, recognition of hard work can also be especially gratifying.

This summer saw the release of an independent evaluation of ERF. The report had been initiated by the Board of Trustees to assess the extent to which it is making progress toward achieving its core objectives over time. The evaluation, undertaken by three external evaluators, also looked at the structure and functioning of ERF (including the Board, Management and affiliates) and their interaction. The report combined both quantitative and qualitative analysis in accordance with generally accepted principles and standards. The process was led by the BOT, which formed a subcommittee to oversee the process. The resulting report was very favorable of ERF’s organization, efforts and results.

In essence, the report said its assessment of ERF was “positive.” The following sums up the results: “We are impressed by its progress, which is due in good part to the commitment of ERF staff and affiliates, and to the soundness and efficiency of the organization.”

ERF management and staff were generally pleased with the evaluation, particularly with the overall conclusion of the report. It felt that it was a valuable exercise all round and should be repeated at periodic intervals. However, management thought it important that the readers of the evaluation have a balanced picture. Accordingly it presented a response to the evaluation to the BOT, to be shared with the evaluators. This document included specific responses to the recommendations made in the report and pointed out a series of factual discrepancies that it suggested the evaluation team might want to take into account before the report was published. We would like to share the report with you and we look forward to continued cooperation and joint success.

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