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ERF 18th Annual Conference on Corruption and Economic Development, March 25-27, 2012

Corruption is unethical. But it may also have unexpectedly harmful effects on economic development, breeding negative work ethics and leading to waste and misallocation of resources, as well as adverse distribution of income and wealth. It is often associated with violence, crime and, in extreme cases, may result in popular revolts, a fact experienced by this region first hand.

This year’s conference gathered key world economists and specialists like Paul Collier (Oxford University), Daniel Kaufmann (Brookings Institution), Jeff Nugent (University of Southern California), Michael Ross (University of California, Los Angeles), Former Deputy Prime Minister of Egypt Hazem ElBiblawi, Ziad Ahmed Bahaa-Eldin (EFSA) and many other distinguished speakers.

The Annual Conference of the Economic Research Forum (ERF) has evolved over the past 18 years to become one of the most important regional platforms for ERF and non-ERF affiliates to discuss frontier thinking about economic development. The conference comes at a time when ERF’s region is undergoing significant political transformation.

Click here to download the agenda and the conference papers

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