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Middle East Development Journal (MEDJ)
The ERF new Journal, Middle East Development Journal published its first issue in June 2009. It aims to strengthen the research community in the Middle East and North Africa and deepen understanding of development in the region. The journal will publish analyses of particular problems or challenges confronting the region, evaluations of specific economic and social policies or programs applied within or relevant to the region, explorations of progress within certain segments of the region’s population or within specific locations, investigations of cross-country issues or country-specific issues, assessments of the impact of external factors, and comparisons with other regions. While the journal will emphasize research falling under the heading of ‘applied economics’, theoretical work will also be encouraged as will contributions from other disciplines, especially political science and sociology. The journal’s ultimate goal is to provide a solid analytical and empirical base for the promotion of good policy within the region.

Authors interested in publishing their research in this issue are requested to submit manuscripts at or to Namees Nabeel ( ).

Visit MEDJ page on:

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Journal’s editorial policy and instructions to authors .
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